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ECSA 2020
Mon 14 - Fri 18 September 2020 L'Aquila, Italy
Thu 17 Sep 2020 12:45 - 13:30 at ECSA 2020 Teams Channel - S7: Industry Panel Chair(s): Olaf Zimmermann

What is life like as a software architect in industry today? How can software architecture research make it easier and help dealing with conflicting quality attributes, staying current and solving other wicked problems?

Our panelists will open their personal toolboxes and share some experiences from their domains. All conference participants are invited to actively participate with questions, opinions and their own stories in this highly interactive and engaging program element of ECSA 2020.

Thu 17 Sep

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12:45 - 13:30
S7: Industry PanelPanel at ECSA 2020 Teams Channel
Chair(s): Olaf Zimmermann University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland (OST)


  1. Eoin Woods, Endava, UK

  2. Thomas Kurpick, Trusted Shops, Germany

  3. Daniele Spinosi, Micron Technology, Italy

Life as an architect in 2020Industry TrackPanel
P: Eoin Woods Endava, P: Thomas Kurpick Trusted Shops, P: Daniele Spinosi Micron Technology