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ECSA 2020
Mon 14 - Fri 18 September 2020 L'Aquila, Italy

Architectural Technical Debt (ATD) is a metaphor used to describe decisions taken by software architects to accomplish short-term goals but possibly negatively affecting the long-term health of the system. However, ATD doesn’t receive enough attention for the architect teams because it is hard to identify, to measure, to prioritize, and its value is related to long-term maintenance and evolution of a system. In this Ph.D. research, we propose a model-driven approach that focuses on building a binary classification model for ATD identification based on the information gathered from artifacts produced during architecture design. This model will allow software architects to support the managing of conscious and unconscious ATD in their software projects. This proposal focuses on TD at the architecture-level only without considering source code. The effectiveness of this proposal will be evaluated using case studies and expert interviews.

Fri 18 Sep

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16:10 - 16:50
S13: Smells and Technical Debt (II)Research Papers / Doctoral Symposium at ECSA 2020 Teams Channel
Chair(s): Xabier Larrucea Tecnalia, Gabriel A. Moreno Carnegie Mellon University

Virtualization support: Claudio Di Sipio

Does BERT understand code? - An exploratory study on the detection of architectural tactics in codeshort-paperResearch Track
Research Papers
Jan Keim Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Angelika Kaplan Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Anne Koziolek Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Mehdi Mirakhorli Rochester Institute of Technology
A Semiautomatic Approach to Identify Architectural Technical Debt from Heterogeneous ArtifactsDoctoral Symposium
Doctoral Symposium
Boris Rainiero Perez Gutierrez University of Los Andes, Colombia